Few things exudes power and potency as a well-balanced sword. Here you find/ get to enjoy some of my more prolific pieces in the genre.


2017-10-11T14:57:22+02:00January 1st, 2014|Swords|

Blade: 1050 with hamon Handle: Fossil walrus in a fine satin finish and 18K gold discs Fittings: Sterling silver Sheath & Stand: European Ash with sterling silver furniture. Oak stand with 18K gold plaque Blade Length: 60cm / 23 1/2" Total Length: 77cm [...]

Combat Wakizashi

2017-10-11T13:32:48+02:00January 1st, 2012|Swords|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Handle: Fossil walrus Fittings: Textured and antiqued bronze Sheath: Mahogany with bronze mounts and vintage handmade round sageo ( belt tie) Blade Length: 46 cm / 18" Total Length: 62 cm / 24 1/2" Misc: Photo by Högström [...]

Far East

2017-10-11T11:20:32+02:00January 1st, 2011|Swords|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Handle: African Blackwood Fittings: Carved, textured and antiqued bronze Stand: Oak and african blackwood Blade Length: 44.5cm / 17 1/2" Total Length: 65.5cm / 24 1/2"" Misc: Short sword that is light, well balanced and fast. Photo by Högström [...]

Hong Kong Cutlass

2017-10-10T11:08:46+02:00January 1st, 2010|Swords|

Blade: 1050 clay tempered - strong wave hamon Handle: fossil walrus Fittings: textured and antiqued sterling silver w. blackened bronze guard Stand: Honduras Mahogany and African Blackwood Blade Length: 46 cm / 18" Total Length: 62 cm / 24 1/2" Misc: Photo By Högström [...]


2017-10-19T11:16:15+02:00January 1st, 2009|Swords|

Blade: Don Hanson damascus Handle: Ancient walrus ivory Fittings: Textured and antiqued sterling silver Blade Length: 37cm / 14 1/2" Total Length: 52.5cm / 20 3/4" Misc: The latest collaboration between Hanson&Högström - we make one a year in time for the Blade [...]


2017-10-10T09:54:03+02:00January 1st, 2008|Swords|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Stand: Birch travel/stationary stand Handle: Fossil walrus ivory Fitting: Textured and antiqued sterling silver Sheath: Felt lined Curly Ash w. sterling furniture Blade Length: 51.5 cm / 20 1/4" Total Length: 69cm / 27" Misc: My version of the roman [...]

Thor’s Helm

2017-10-10T08:49:07+02:00January 1st, 2008|Swords|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Handle: Green/brown fossil walrus ivory. Will disassemble by removing peg in handle Fittings: Carved, textured and antiqued copper w. 18K gold rings Sheath: Leather w. 18K gold button Blade Length: 55cm / 21 1/2" Total Length: 69.5cm / [...]

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