Kwaiken & Utility

A short, curved knife that was often carried in the sleeve of a Kimono- I make mine with leather sheaths and belt-hangers.

Hunt & Gather

2017-10-10T11:53:59+02:00January 1st, 2010|Kwaiken & Utility|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Handle: Spalted Birch w. copper lined thong hole Fittings: Textured and antiqued copper Sheath: Is being fitted for a custom leather belt sheath Blade Length: 12cm / 4 3/4" Total Length: 24.5cm /9 3/4" Misc: Photo by Högström. [...]

Dagger Kwaiken

2017-10-11T09:23:13+02:00January 1st, 2009|Kwaiken & Utility|

Blade: 1050 - clay tempered Handle: Fossil walrus ivory with green streaks. Grip-filed ebony spacer Fittings: Textured and antiqued sterling silver Sheath: leather slip-on sheath Blade Length: 11cm / 4 1/4" Total Length: 23cm / 9" Misc: Photo by Högström

Mid Game Hunter

2017-10-10T11:55:36+02:00January 1st, 2009|Kwaiken & Utility|

Blade: Conny Persson 15N20 and 20C damascus Handle: Stunning fossil walrus in dark brown with blue ring around core Fittings: Textured and antiqued copper Sheath: Leather belt sheath Blade Length: 11cm / 4 1/4" Total Length: 22cm / 8 3/4" Misc: Ivory like this [...]

Morioka Kwaiken

2017-10-10T11:54:56+02:00January 1st, 2009|Kwaiken & Utility|

Blade: 1050 clay tempered w. a very clear hamon Handle: Fossil walrus ivory Fittings: Frosted and antiqued copper Sheath: Fossil walrus ivory Blade Length: 13.5cm / 5 1/2" Total Length: 25cm / 10" Misc: First and only all-ivory kwaiken I've made. Photo by Högström [...]