Collaboration with steel artist Joel Davis

Blade: 8bar mosaic damascus by steel artist Joel Davis
Handle: Hand carved in wax, then cast in bronze
Inlays: Black G10 (a fiber glass composite)
Blade Length: 54cm / 21 1/4”
Total Length: 68cm / 26 3/4”
Stand: Curly Sapeli and wenge wood
Misc: My rendition of the Iberian Falcata. I dont do repros, I make what looks like it could fit into a timeline but with the question of …where? In this case a sword with a highly complex as well as beautiful blade, a bronze handle that would be a material of tradition and inserts/details of G10…Im sure they wouldn’t have used ebony or buffalo horn if the choice back than was that of today or tomorrow.
Photo: Mitchel D Cohen
This is our only collaboration and a one-off project. All work done by hand.